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For years people have stopped me on the street to compliment and ask how me about my hair. I've started this website to explain exactly that plus how to get your hair looking good no matter what it looks like to start with!

It's a fact that making an effort to look better makes people feel more confident and happy. There are even studies that prove benefits like expanded social networks, career success, and increased romantic opportunities. If you take good care of yourself, people pay attention! It's as simple as that.

You don't have to spend a lot of time or money to look and feel good either! It's easy to learn what works for you and your hair by following simple hair care tips and techniques.

If you don't know where to start, check out these long hair cuts. That page will give you a look at the differences in styles and discuss what could work for your face shape.

I've created a visitor poll for your feedback. If you have requests, take a moment to tell me what you want to see. I appreciate your visit and look forward to seeing you back here soon!

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"It takes less time to straighten my hair than it did weighing it down with mousse and struggling to get the curls under control!"

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Table of Contents

Long Hair Care
Long hair care, tips, and techniques.
Long Hair Cuts
Long hair cuts with layers, frames, bangs and more.
Hair Trim
Hair trim tips for long hair and advice on visiting the salon.
Long Layered Hairstyles
Long layered hairstyles, hair cuts, and pictures of long hair.
Long Hair Styles Gallery
Long hair styles gallery of edgy, curly, and many more looks.
Celebrity Hair Styles
Photos of celebrity hair styles and the latest trends.
Long Hair Styles
Long hair styles and pictures of multiple styles.
Tools for Long Hair
Styling tools for long hair including brushes, dryers, and irons.
Hair Straighteners
Hair straighteners, flat irons, ceramic and thermal tools for long hair.
Curly Long Hair
Hair care and photos for wavy and curly long hair.
Long Hair Philosophy
Long hair philosophy, dream symbology, first impressions and more.
Long Hair First Impressions
Long hair first impressions, subconcious signals, and effects on psyche.
Members Gallery
Member's gallery showcasing the featured long hair goddess.
Updo Hair Styles
Updo hair styles for formal or special occasions.
Long Hair Styles for Weddings
Long hair styles for brides and bridesmaids for weddings.
Quick Long Hair Straightening Routine
Quick long hair straightening routine that's easy.
Never Too Old for Long Hair
Never too old for long hair? Rules on age and hair length.
Beautiful Long Hair No Matter The Weather
Beautiful long hair no matter the weather, tips on styling long hair in dry, humid, and sunny environments.
Natural Hair Treatments
Natural hair treatments and homemade recipes.
Quick Long Hair Styles
Quick long hair styles and fixes for bad hair days for when you're in a rush.
Edgy Long Hair Styles
Edgy long hair styles with creative twists.
Bombshell Long Hair Styles
Bombshell long hair styles with volume.
Elegant Long Hair Styles
Elegant long hair styles with class and style.
Classic Long Hair Styles
Classic long hair styles and polished, sophisticated looks.
Shampoo tips for maintaining healthy long hair.
Long Red Hair
Long red hair coloring, advice on shades, and tips for making long hair lighter.
Long Black Hair
Long black hair coloring tips for dying hair darker.
About The Long Hair Boutique
About the Long Hair Boutique and the story behind its creation.
Site Index
Site index for The Long Hair Boutique
Privacy Statement
Privacy statement regarding your personal information.
Newsletter on long hair styles, beauty tips, products and tool reviews, this seasons trends, and website updates.
My Personal Journey
My personal journey and how the long hair boutique was born.
Hair Products
Professional hair products for styling and maintaining beautiful long hair.
Romantic Long Hair Styles
Soft, wavy, curly, and romantic long hair styles.
Playful Long Hair Styles
Playful long hair styles, cute and sporty looks.
Retro Long Hair Styles
Retro long hair styles and vintage looks.
Long Hair Style Makeovers
Long hair style makeovers with before and after photos.
Understanding Long Hair
Info on understanding long hair, how to attain and maintain your healthiest locks.
Long Hair Quotes
Long hair quotes about hair from movies, celebrities, and philosophers.
Pampering Your Hair
Pampering tips and techniques for long hair styling and care.
Long Hair Dreams
Long hair dreams, symbology, and insight into your subconscious.
Famous Long Hair
Famous long hair in movies, art, and artwork.
Hair Cuts
Various hair cuts and styles for long hair.
Contact the Long Hair Boutique with comments and questions.
Your Best Long Hair
Learn how to properly care for your locks and the secrets to maintaining your best long hair and styles.
Face Shape
Face shape descriptions, and recommendations for long hair styles and cuts.
Conditioner and moisturizing tips for long hair.
Straight Hair
Straight hair tips for long, wavy, curly, and flat locks.
Hair Coloring
Hair coloring advice and tips for home or salon dying long hair.
Curling Long Hair
Techiniques and tools for curling long hair.
Long Blonde Hair
Long blonde hair tips for dying it lighter.
Very Long Hair
Very long hair styling tips and considerations.
Long Brown Hair
Long brown hair coloring and dying tips.
Long Hair Extensions
Long hair extensions tips and info.
Long Hair Boutique - Shop
Shop for fun clothing and apparel from the boutique.
Contribute to Long Hair
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