Classic Long Hair Styles

Classic long hair styles are simple and a great starting point for any special occasion. They're easy to learn, get faster with time, and perfect for feeling pretty and polished.

    Classic Straight
  • Separate crown with clip
  • Iron hair 1/2" from roots
  • Grasp hair and apply pressure
  • Move slowly down shaft
  • Hold for a few seconds on ends
  • Concentrate serum on ends

    Classic Ponytail
  • Slick back, smooth, and spray
  • Brush horizontally with tension
  • Tie with seamless ponytail band
  • Spritz again with hairspray

Here are a couple more classic long hair styles that are worn often as a secondary hairstyle, but not usually on an everyday basis. French twists are more formal, and french braids are good for keeping hair out of your eyes during sports.

    French Twist
  • Comb out knots from forehead to nape of neck
  • Hold long hair at nape of neck as if to put in a ponytail
  • Tightly twist and hold up vertically
  • Tuck and roll base of hair under dominant side
  • Tightly continue to tuck and fold until ends are hidden
  • Fasten using multiple bobby pins
  • Spray heavily with light holding product

    French Braid
  • Comb out knots from forehead to nape of neck
  • Tightly grab center crown and bang area in one hand
  • Tightly grab side crown with other hand and loop over
  • Continue pattern with third side crown piece
  • Keep sections separated while braiding
  • Switch hands as needed
  • Tie ends with seamless ponytail holder
  • Spritz end and braid with finishing spray

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