Do you know that most people misuse conditioner? It's often not necessary to use an entire palmful immediately following shampoo in the shower. Everyone is unique, why shouldn't the way you care for yourself be?

Dry, Knotty, Wavy or Curly Long Hair

Curly hair is gorgeous, but unfortunately it doesn't allow natural oils to slide down the shaft as easily as straight hair. That just means in order to get your locks nourished and healthy, it may be necessary to take extra care of the ends of your hair.

If your hair tangles easily, your best option may be to use a leave-in. Using it within minutes of getting out of the shower while hair is still wet, can give your hair the extra moisture it needs to stay smooth through the day.

You can be generous with the conditioner on the ends of your hair, working your way up, but stay away from the scalp and roots. Then wrap in a very loose bun for a few minutes to allow the nutrients penetrate your long hair.

Straight, Knot-free Long Hair

If you don't have a problem with knots, following shampoo with a light moisturizer in the shower is perfectly fine. However, depending on how often you wash your hair, you may want to stay away from the roots in order to keep your style from looking too shiny. Follow the same technique of gently combing from the tips up to the roots.

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    "I started washing my hair before bed then straightening it in the mornings like you suggested and feel a lot less rushed and it even look less frizzy!"

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