Curling Long Hair

Technique for Curling Long Hair

  • Shampoo and condition your hair
  • Gently dry by patting out excess moisture with a towel
  • Turn on curling iron to desired heat (higher for coarser hair)
  • Comb through any remaining tangles from ends to roots
  • Blow dry remaining wetness out until hair is about 80% evenly dry
    (Follow straightening directions for curling long hair that's wavy to start with, or skip to next instruction)
    • Grab your round brush
    • Flip head upside down
    • Place dryer between knees (adjust to a comfortable height
      and angle, and be careful not to block the back of the dryer)
    • Gently pull roots straight with hands and fingers
    • Brush straight, only during the last couple minutes
      (your hair should be somewhat straight when you're done)
  • Banana clip the roots near the front crown, if you want volume.)
  • Section hair anywhere from six to twelve times
  • Slowly iron each section 1/2"-1" away from roots**

    Continue here for curling long hair that's naturally straight hair

  • Section hair anywhere from twelve to twenty times
  • Start in the back and work up and around to front
  • Select one section at a time and pull taut
  • Spray ends of section lightly with a water mist for longer lasting curls
  • Make sure the ends are not crimped, but wrapped around barrel
  • Wrap all the way up to the roots of the hair and hold until very hot
  • Carefully release handle and slide barrel out from hair
  • Secure in place with extra large bobby pin, scissor clip, or make shift
  • Repeat for every section
  • When finished securing last piece, spray full head with holding mist
  • Allow curls to cool, in order to set (approx. 10-20 min.)
  • Put on your make-up, get dressed, have breakfast, etc.
  • Release the clips and re-spray as desired

    Don't have much time for hair straightening before curling long hair? Try this Quick Routine.

    Important Tip About Using High Heat Styling Tools for Hair Straightening:

    **Heat styling can be less damaging than chemical straightening, but ironing too close to the scalp can be damaging to the scalp and eventually cause hair loss. This can be easily avoided!

    Perform extreme caution when ironing within 1/2" of the skin. If you iron your hair more than twice per week, you may want to try using the side of a curling iron to straighten your roots (on low-heat, pressing away from the scalp, but horizontally with the part on top of several layers to flatten underlying roots).

    Blow dryers can also produce similiar heat and damage during your hair straightening routine. It is not necessary to blow dry directly facing the scalp. Try alternating angles and methods until you find the healthiest way for you to straighten your hair.

    Beautiful and healthy are not mutually exclusive!

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