Edgy Long Hair Styles

Edgy long hair styles can be created in a variety of ways. Playing with layers and sections of colored hair is a lot of fun. Another way is to experiment with parts. Braiding, teasing, and twisting can also create a unique look when you want to change things up.

Caprice Bourret
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Alexandra Bastedo
Alexandra Bastedo
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Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale
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Feathered Out
  • Curl face frames outwards
  • Loosely fasten with clip
  • Spray with hairspray
  • Release after ten minutes

    The Palm Tree

  • Tie back half hair up
  • Twist up vertically and clip
  • Loop and fasten ends
  • Spray with hairspray


  • Pull hair into ponytail
  • Twist half-way into bun
  • Clip remaining hair up
  • Section and clip upward
  • Spray with hairspray


  • Part into inch squares
  • Work front to back
  • Select one section
  • Mousse root to ends
  • Braid and tie end
  • Spray with hairspray
  • Serum root to end
  • Repeat through hair

    • Twisted into Knots

    • Make two asymmetrical ponytails
    • Twist ponytail until it collapses
    • Fasten ends with pins or clips
    • Spray with light holding product

      Cheese Poof Top

    • Select front two inches of hair
    • Spray roots with hairspray
    • Hold up to dry for a minute
    • (or comb against backside)
    • Fasten clip to back of crown
    • Spray again with hairspray


    • Separate six random pieces
    • Place product in palm
    • Pull product to the ends
    • Twist until hair rolls into buns
    • Fasten ends with mini-clip
    • Spray with hairspray

      Faux Dreadlocks

    • Separate crown into many parts
    • Place product and serum in palm
    • Twist hair in one direction
    • Gently pull product to the ends
    • Stagger dreads through crown
    • Spray with hairspray

    As you can see, there are many ways to make edgy long hair styles. If you're looking for something serious, check out this website on creating and caring for dreadlocks:

    My Dreadlocks.com

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