Face Shape and Long Hair

Figuring out what face shape you have can help you find long hairstyles that suit you best. The main idea is to focus on creating volume wherever your face narrows, making an overall oval shaped silhouette.

Long hair adds length, but once you are familiar with your shape, you can manipulate width and height with adding volume to the crown or sides with various hairstyles and haircuts.

The Seven Basic Face Shapes
Your Best Cuts and Styles

Perfect shape for any cut or style,
with the exception of heavy bangs.

Softened and complimented by layered cuts
and styles of various lengths throughout hair.

Also softened by layers, however looks
best with less volume near the crown.

Concentrate on adding volume to the crown
and stay away from looks that add too much
width to the sides of the face, next to the ears.

Concentrate on adding volume to the chin
area to round the siloheutte, or try sweeping
bangs to balance the forehead.

Opposite from the heart, create volume
and top-heavy layers to balance the face.

Create volume around the top and bottom,
but not the sides, around the cheeks or ears.

What People
Are Saying

"I started washing my hair before bed then straightening it in the mornings like you suggested and feel a lot less rushed and it even look less frizzy!"

- Diana P.



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