Hair Trim Tips for Long Hair

The inevitable hair trim is never fun to consider. One of the biggest misconceptions about growing long hair is that you should rarely cut it. On the contrary, too many split ends can make hair the appearance of significant thickness.

There's an easy test to tell if you're in need of a good hair trim. Make a loose ponytail and grab the thickest part. Then gently run your hand to the end of your strands. If your hair tapers off, time to trim. If your hair feels like it simply stops -- you're in good shape.

Trimming long hair every month or two is a great way to strengthen your locks. But if it's still hard to consider, remember that you're only losing withered ends, not length.

Where To Go

If you don't know what salon to go to, ask around. If you have trouble getting recommendations from friends, don't be afraid to ask a stranger with a great cut where she goes.

The Appointment

Not everyone can explain what they want. Pictures are the next best thing. Buy a magazine to bring with you to have a better chance of getting what you want.

Site Testimonial

"I was super scared to cut my hair after growing it out for years, but now that I started trimming it myself the ends are so much thicker and people notice."

- Jillian C.



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