Long Black Hair

Long Black Hair is a more serious look. Even if you already have black hair and you're looking to go up or down in shade, there are some important factors you need to consider.

Choosing the Right Shade

When making a drastic change, it's often recommended that you slowly ease your way into the color over a couple of weeks. Staying within the color range for your tone helps to make your black look more natural.

After you determine whether you're "warm" or "cool" you should find a picture in a magazine that comes as close as possible, then make an appointment with your stylist for a consultation.

Warm Black Colors

Skin Tone (Golden Brown, Pale Peach, Freckled, etc.)
Eye Color (Mostly Green, Blue, Golden, Brown, etc.)
Hair Color (Black Brown, Dark Auburn, etc.)

Cool Brown Colors

Skin Tone (Dark Brown, Olive, Pale but Pink, Bronze, etc.)
Eye Color (Dark Brown, Gray Blue, Dark Blue, etc.)
Hair Color (Violet Black, Burgundy Black, etc.)

Once you're comfortable with your new look, you can either continue visiting a stylist, or experiment with a home coloring kits for long black hair that work for you. Going darker is often the easiest to maintain, with little risk of messing up.

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"It's crazy. I can't believe it takes less time to straighten my hair than it did weighing it down with mousse and struggling to get the curls under control!"

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