Long Hair Dreams

Long hair dreams can give you a peek into your subconcious mind. It's important though that you understand that ultimately, you are your own best dream interpreter.

These are some commonly accepted interpretations of dream symbology about what hints your mind is sending when you have long hair dreams, or dreams about hair in general.

Dream Symbology

If you dream that you give yourself a haircut, this generallly symbolizes detaching from negative beliefs about your appearance or life.

If you dream of using a blow dryer, you may experience an improvement in a relationship. If a stylist uses a dryer on you, be weary of spreading gossip.

If you dream of dying your hair lighter, you may have concerns about appearing too vain. If you dream of dying your hair darker, you may have unexpressed sadness over a loss in life.

If you dream of creating a hairstyle on yourself, you may be contemplating a diffferent way of thinking about your self-image or life.

Hair Products
If you dream of using gel, hairspray, mousse, etc., you may be contemplating a new relationship or job. If your new style is sleek or conservative, this may indicate an increase in status or moving onto a more suitable partner.

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