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Often times we aren't conscious that first impressions partly depend on hair style. And since our face is usually the first thing people see -- and long hair can is noticeable -- it's easy to see how hair can actually affect what people think of us.

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"It's crazy. I can't believe it takes less time to straighten my hair than it did weighing it down with mousse and struggling to get the curls under control!"

- Savannah A.



We want to believe that we know better than to judge a book by it's cover, but the truth is that we often do it subconsciously without even realizing.

The only way to save yourself from misrepresenting who you are is to be aware of the signals you're sending.

Check out what kind of effect your long hair has on someone, but remember it also depends on the perception of who's looking. What does your style say about you?

    What Women's Hair Says

  • Long, Straight = high-maintainence, but sexy
  • Long, Casual = intelligent and good-natured
  • Long, Curly = free-spirited and wild
  • Blonde = naive, but fun
  • Brunette = smart and sassy
  • Black = intimidating and strong

My favorite college professor (blonde bombshell with a doctorate) always told us to make sure we style our hair tied back in a bun, cover our cleavage, and wear our glasses, to every job interview.

I didn't want to believe that people were shallow and judgmental, but from experience have seen how a slight change in look can affect people's subconscious behavior.

Before you think it's only men judging women, remember that we all make first impressions! We can keep in mind that they're not always true, but signals that we may assume on a deeper level.

    What Men's Hair Says

  • Short, Spiked = confident, sexy, and self-centered
  • Short, Parted = intelligent, but narrow-minded
  • Long = not very well-off, but open-minded

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