Long Layered Hairstyles

Long layered hairstyles can add volume
and versatility to the same plain look.

Long layered hairstyles can give you the best of both worlds. I've maintained several variations on long layered hairstyles for years. Don't be distracted by those who say that layers don't work on hair that's too long!

Early on when I started going to stylists for more advanced dye and cut jobs, I was told that it simply wouldn't look good. But everyone knows the best of things are found through experimentation and paving your own way.

Curly hair especially benefits from the extra volume. It helps to weigh down hair enough to prevent random pieces from sticking straight up and makes applying mousse a lot easier.

If you also like to play with styles and straighten your hair for a more polished look like I do, there are several tools available to make it look naturally straight.

You can add extreme volume with shorter lengths on the crown, while still keeping your length, and create the silhouette that suits you best, depending on your face shape.

Example of Curly
Long Layered Hair

Holly Hunter
Holly Hunter

Example of Straight
Long Layered Hair

Angelica Bridges
Angelica Bridges

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