Long Red Hair

Long red hair is truly rare
and the most daring of colors.

Long Red Hair is definitely a bold look to consider. Even if you're already a redhead and looking to go up or down in shade, there are some important factors you need to consider.

Choosing the Right Shade

When making a drastic change, it's recommended that you slowly ease your way into the color over several weeks. Staying within the color range for your tone helps red look more natural.

After you determine whether you're "warm" or "cool" find a photo in a magazine that comes close to your ideal and make an appointment with your stylist for a consultation.

Warm Red Colors

Skin Tone (Golden Brown, Pale Peach, Freckled, etc.)
Eye Color (Mostly Green, Blue, Golden, Brown, etc.)
Hair Color (Golden Red, Strawberry Blonde, Auburn, etc.)

Cool Red Colors

Skin Tone (Dark Brown, Olive, Pale but Pink, Bronze, etc.)
Eye Color (Dark Brown, Gray Blue, Dark Blue, etc.)
Hair Color (Deep Burgundy, Matte Red, etc.)

Once you're comfortable with your new long red hair color, you can either keep going to the salon or find a coloring kit that works for you. Going darker than your natural color is far easier to maintain at home and with red shades, there's little chance that going lighter can turn out too shocking -- since most of the time it's the red tones that are left behind when bleaching.

Site Testimonial

"Started to wash my hair before bed like you suggested, then straightening it in the mornings. Now I feel way less rushed, and even look less frizzy. Thank you!"

- Diana P.



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