My Personal Journey


It's pretty easy to see how my personal journey led to long hair. I always adored looking through photos with my mother of her waist length hair and glamorous dresses, like she was getting ready for Studio 54.

She said back then girls would sleep with their hair wrapped around soda cans and even used real clothing irons to straighten it out. I couldn't wait to grow up and look just like her -- minus the goldfish platforms, haha..

By the time I was in kindergarten, my hair reached half way down my back and spiraled on the ends. By ten I had inherited her full blown bologna curls. By twelve I mastered blowing out my hair.

But there was always humidity to ruin my day. By fourteen I started using giant curling irons. By nineteen there were flat irons. When ceramic irons came out, my straightening routine decreased from an hour to less than twenty minutes.


I know the same styles can get boring after a while. Nobody wants to be stuck in the last decade. That's how my idea for the long hair boutique came about. I wanted to make a place for other girls who love having long hair to come and find inspiration.

Through my personal journey, my passions led me into a bunch of jobs that gave me fabulous and often surprising insight into styling and caring for long hair -- including a story of a chick who only washes her hair once every three months!

Take a peek around and see if there's anything that helps you, browse the gallery and come back often for new info. I want this to be a fun place for everyone, or a lifesaver in a last minute hair emergency!

You're invited to become a free member and receive the newsletter with updates and instructions on submitting your photo to the member gallery.

That's my personal journey...
and I hope my website will help make yours more easy!

Thank you for visiting.

Erinn Elizabeth

Thank you for visiting!
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