Pampering Your Hair

Pampering ourselves with love is the best thing we can do for our hair. Simple shampoo massages or more involved natural goddess treatments can make us feel good while enhancing shine or removing extra build-up.

What can we be doing to take better care of our hair? Consider wearing elastics with metal less, or combing out knots more gently? Even styles that pull on the roots can cause breakage and thinning if worn too tight, too often.

Not surprisingly, what we take into our body also has an effect on our hair. We don't need to be complete health nuts, but even an extra serving of vegetables a day can help us get more of the nutrients that will nourish our hair.

We all know beauty starts from within. The following website is a wonderful guide for feeling our best inside inside out, including advice, message boards, speciality foods and nutritional supplements:


Cold, Flu, Sinus, and Allergy
Learn about respiratory and related concerns 
Learn how to reduce risks and have a positive influence on your health 
Digestive System
Learn about digestive concerns and find relief 
Pain & Arthritis
Understand and manage your pain 
Vitamin Guide
Information about nutritional supplements 
Herbal Remedies
The medicinal use of herbs—old and new 
Nature's subtle influences 
Weight Management
Look good, feel great, naturally 
Sports Nutrition
Maximize performance, achieve fitness, go for it 
Women's Health
Common health concerns of interest to women 
Men's Health
Common health concerns of interest to men   

What People
Are Saying

"I started washing my hair before bed then straightening it in the mornings like you suggested and feel a lot less rushed and it even look less frizzy!"

- Diana P.



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