Quick Long Hair
Straightening Routine

Practicing this quick long hair straightening routine can help you save time and energy. Whether you have easy to style or thick and curly locks, once you learn how to care for your hair, you can break down your hair care into a manageable routine.

    Quick Long Hair Straightening Routine
  • First thing in the shower shampoo roots of hair
  • Conditioner ends only and wrap into medium towel
  • Clean, shave, etc. while hair is drying
  • Get out of shower and pre-heat your iron
  • Make coffee, pick out your outfit, etc.
  • Comb out any tangles using leave-in conditioner
  • Gently pull and hold hair straight while blow drying
  • Separate and clip crown, right side, left side, and back
  • Straighten each section with iron for one minute
  • Add (optional) hairspray or shine serum, and you're done!

I like to use my 2" curling iron which actually straightens the hair and leaves it curled under at the end. You can see what it looks like here in the hair makeover gallery.

If you have a cow-lick or kinks, use a light water mist and carefully move the edge of your curling iron along it. This is an easy way to retouch any annoying flyaway, too.

If you have barely wavy or easy to straighten hair, you might be able to get away with skipping the iron completely -- but be sure to pay extra attention to pulling it taut while blow drying.

If you take your showers at night, here's an easy way to break your quick long hair straightening routine into two parts:

Split Routine

    Evening Half of the Routine
  • Shampoo roots of hair
  • Briefly towel dry
  • Leave-in conditioner on ends
  • Wrap loosely into a bun

    Morning Half of the Routine
  • More leave-in conditioner
  • Comb out any remaining tangles
  • Gently pull straight while blowdrying
  • Clip up and hairspray roots for volume
  • Release before walking out the door
  • Use light water mist to adjust any kinks

If you're short on time but have frizz, hair straighteners and flat irons are super fast. If you want voluminous hair without the hard flat edges, extra large curling irons or curlers are even better.

Make sure to have quality products, a strong blow-dryer, and a quality iron. It took months of practice and pushing the limit with tools, but to wash, dry, and iron my hair takes under twenty minutes!

Site Testimonial

"It's crazy. I can't believe it takes less time to straighten my hair than it did weighing it down with mousse and struggling to get the curls under control!"

- Savannah A.



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