Retro Long Hair Styles

Retro long hair styles are easy to create when you start with straight, settled hair. Styling takes a little bit of patience and a lot of product. Detailed tips for creating the more advanced long hair styles are included below.

Retro Long Hair Styles

    Mock Mullet
  • Select front couple inches of hair
  • Spray with light holding product
  • Hold vertically to dry for a few seconds
  • Fasten at back crown with mini-clip
  • Brush sides back using light spray and smooth
  • Fasten just above ear with bobby pins or barrettes
  • Spray again with light holding product

    Up and Out
  • Straight-up Volume
  • Separate crown with clip and leave for last
  • Iron hair 1/2" away from roots
  • Hold iron horizontally and apply pressure
  • Move slowly down shaft
  • Hold for a few seconds on ends
  • Spritz crown roots with light holding spray
  • Wait a few seconds then iron and re-clip
  • Finish with serum concentrating on ends
  • Release clip and allow hair to fall to side part
  • Gently tease and spray
  • Repeat along one side as well, if desired

  • Part hair in neat one inch strips
  • Select one section and gently pull product to the ends
  • Twist hair and roll under while moving toward back
  • Clip end securely
  • Spray with light holding spray
  • Continue around crown as desired

    Vintage Framing Twists

More Retro Long Hair Styles
    Flipped Out Wings
  • Sufficiently warm up medium curling iron
  • Create desired clean or staggered part
  • Spray ends with light holding product
  • Hold iron vertically in line with ends
  • Curl out ends and roll up to roots
  • Clip gently and continue around head
  • Spray with light holding product
  • Release clips before walking out the door

    Sultry Waves
  • Sufficiently warm up small curling iron
  • Spritz ends of hair with light holding spray
  • Grab a few inch wide section of hair and curl
  • Repeat four to six times or until necessary
  • Carefully clip hair into rolls without crimping edges
  • Continue around entire head until complete
  • Spray with light holding product and allow hair to cool
  • Release clips before walking out the door

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