Shampoo Tips for Long Hair

Before You Shampoo

Before you shampoo, you can improve the condition of your hair by brushing the natural oils from your scalp evenly throughout your locks. This is especially important for long hair. It only takes a few minutes everyday but can make a dramatic difference in the quality of your hair in weeks.

Proper Brushing

Start by gently combing out any knots with a wide tooth comb. Then brush your hair in wide but thin sections, carefully moving from the roots to the ends. This doesn’t need to be precise, it only has to feel like you’re distributing the shine.

Cleansing Frequency

Washing every day isn’t always necessary, it can even be quite harsh on your long hair. The stress of washing and blowing out your locks can weaken them, increase your chances of having split ends, and severely dry out your long hair.

Allowing the natural oils to penetrate further than the root and shaft can be healing and strengthening for your hair. I have worked with models and actors who follow this advice. The only reason not to skip a day of washing is if you’ve worked up a sweat at the gym or went out last night to a bar.

Undershampooing vs. Overshampooing

Still kind of freaked out by the idea of not washing your hair everyday? That's okay, too! But make sure you use an extremely gentle shampoo like Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi.

Cleansing Technique

If your long hair tends to get super oily, concentrate on massaging it into the roots then let it rinse down to the ends. It further helps to concentrate your conditioner only or mostly on the ends.

What to Look For

I've spent thousands of dollars experimenting with different products and tools, not to mention endless hours questioning stylists and clients for opinions on products.

Certain salon brands aren’t that much better than generic, but you aren’t going to find quality unless you know what to look for. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the less harmful of the chemical cleansing ingredients

Natural ingredients that you can actually pronounce without hesitation are by far the most gentle shampoos, but may not always do the job in getting rid of build up.

Check out your local health food store for kinder brands and follow-up with a natural homemade recipe for getting rid of product residue.

Site Testimonial

"It's crazy. I can't believe it takes less time to straighten my hair than it did weighing it down with mousse and struggling to get the curls under control!"

- Savannah A.



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