Styling Tools for Long Hair

There are special tools for long hair
that can make a huge difference in the time
and money you spend on your style.

Beauty takes understanding and care, but without the styling tools for long hair we couldn't get very far. There are a bunch of tools professional stylists have that can show you what it takes.

  • High Power Blow-dryer
    (for faster drying, volume, holding curls, setting styles, etc.)

      Top Three Favorites:
    1. Conair 1875-Watt
    2. Vidal Sassoon 1875-Watt
    3. T3 Tourmaline II Dryer

  • Condensed Bristle Brush
    (for sleek styles, smooth ponytails, distributing natural oils, etc.)

      Top Three Favorites:
    1. Phillips Brush Ceramic Round Brush Pure Bristle 3"
    2. Ibiza Extra Large Round Brush with Extended Cork Handle
    3. Frederic Fekkai Extra Large Round Brush

  • Large Vented Brush
    (for detangling, straightening, combing, etc.)

      Top Three Favorites:
    1. Phillips Brush Pro Vt-900 Round Handle Vented Brush
    2. Mystique Golden Duck 100% Boar 3 Inch Round Hair Brush
    3. The Pin Bristle Vented Round Collection

  • Pick Comb
    (for making clean parts, detangling, braiding, styling, etc.)

      Top Three Favorites:
    1. Florence Billion Pick Comb
    2. Cricket Ultraclean Pick Comb
    3. Sephora Pick Comb

  • Hair Clips
    (basic necessity in styling tools for long hair for lifting hair and creating volume, accessorizing, styling, etc.)

      Top Three Favorites:
    1. Goody Hair Clips
    2. Cosmopolitan Hair Clips
    3. Vidal Sassoon Hair Clips

  • Seamless Ponytail Holders
    (for tying hair back, preventing metal clasps from damaging your hair, etc.)

  • Bad Hair Day Rescues
    (for hiding hair mishaps, unruly cowlicks, short on time, etc.)

  • Extra Hair Accessories
    (for special events, dressing up day to evening styles, etc.)

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