Very Long Hair

Very long hair is waist length or longer. It's beautiful, but many things have to be taken into consideration before going for it. Wondering whether or not very long hair would suit you? Consider the following...

Finite Length

Everybody has a finite length. That means that your hair will stop in a certain place. For some, it's the middle of the back. But for others, the floor.

Growing it out is the only way to find out what your finite length is, but remember that occasional trims are a key part of growing your hair long and healthy.

Hair Texture

Thick locks of almost any texture can look great grown out. Super long hair will weigh down volume. This can work for you or against you, depending on your hair.

For example, naturally curly hair can be easier to straighten at longer lengths; however, thin hair can become stringy and cling to your scalp with the weight.

Maintenance Time

More length doesn't necessarily mean it will take more time to style. A lot of times, you can get away with long hair "bedhead" better than shorter lengths.

If you straighten your hair and want a more polished look, splitting your hair care routine up can really cut down styling time.

What People
Are Saying

"I started washing my hair before bed then straightening it in the mornings like you suggested and feel a lot less rushed and it even look less frizzy!"

- Diana P.



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