Your Best Long Hair

Your best long hair is closer than you think. No matter what kind of hair you were born with, if you learn how to care for it, you can have "perfect" hair, too. It's not about looking like someone else's best, but instead, attaining your own best. Maybe my story sounds familiar?

Thick long hair that spiraled at the ends may have looked pretty on a four year old, but it certainly didn’t feel nice being brushed. Even into my teen years, I continued to wrestle with knots and struggled with my long hair every morning. I know that kind of frustration and so did my bedroom wall when I threw my brush at it!

I no longer have the same love hate relationship with my hair that I used to. I learned how to tame locks and care for them properly. Now my long hair looks good, but takes a lot less time and pain to get there.

If you want to have the same respect for your hair and find the long hair styles that turns heads, you might want to read on. I'm going to give you the secrets that I learned from cold hard experience.

I’m not simply talking about my own hair but many years of experimenting on friends and family, too. Straight, flat, kinky, cowlicked, curly, etc. You name it -- I have styled, cut, colored, researched and experimented on it. Do you want to learn how to maintain your best hair? If so, start here...

What People
Are Saying

"I started washing my hair before bed then straightening it in the mornings like you suggested and feel a lot less rushed and it even look less frizzy!"

- Diana P.



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