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Do you have a passion that you absolutely love?
You could earn a living with your own site!

Don't think you're internet savvy enough to have your own site? It's not nearly as complicated as you might think. It simply takes persistence and enthusiasm -- and the rewards don't compare to the effort required!

If you've read through my website, it's clear that long hair is not only a love but a lifestyle for me. I thought most people would stop by for tips and use my gallery as a reference for special occasions.What would motivate me to turn my passion into a business?

I wasn't ever a total nerd, regardless of my knowledge and experience -- but I was resourceful. Back in college I owned a graphic design business, but my partner did all of the technical work, marketing and promoting for my website.

Years after missing the creative work, I decided to look into things again. That's when I came across Solo Build It! It sounded like a program where they basically lay out the entire game plan on how writing about your passion can be turned into a business. Too good to be true?

Truth is there was nothing like it, so it was hard to believe. Then I looked into things deeper. I spent hours of research exploring reviews and looking for flaws in their design and program. But I just couldn't find any, on the contrary, they're constantly improving and making things simpler.

If you can read and follow instructions, your passion can transition from a part-time project into something that affords you luxuries for years, even if you fall off the boat or take a vacation for a couple of months. You could earn a living with your own site!

Ken Evoy of Solo Build It! makes it simple, and the advice in the forums and coaching makes you wonder why everyone doesn't have one! If you would love to make enough for a "martini a day" or "monthly car payment" -- that's how I measured my success in the beginning, haha.. -- then take a peek.

Knowing that hundreds of thousands of people get access to tips that took me years to discover gives me a sense of accomplishment. Comments and thanks from visitors are like nothing else. You think a compliment on your hair is flattering? Your own site is something that you can really be proud of. Not to mention it's on display twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

The success of websites built by everyday people speaks for itself. If you want to know more and be on your way to earning your morning coffee and maybe someday your mortgage, eventually in your sleep, read more...

Thank you again for stopping by my site, and even if you don't choose to become part of the Solo Build It! Family today, your visit is totally appreciated! If you decide that "too good to be true" actually can be real, feel free to write and stay in touch. I love to hear about the success of others who have turned their passion into a business.

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